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Certified Mediator- Whelan Walker Mediation

As a certified mediator and alternative dispute resolution specialist with over 30 years of experience as a complex business attorney, Ms. Walker is an ideal choice for anyone seeking a skilled and experienced mediator for a business or real estate matter. Ms. Walker and her team at WWM bring a unique combination of legal knowledge, practical experience, and dispute resolution skills to the mediation table as well as a deep understanding of the complex legal issues that can arise in business mediations and a skillset to navigate these situations effectively. While at USC Gould School of Law, Ms. Walker underwent extensive training in mediation techniques, negotiation methods, including the use of interest-based bargaining and collaborative problem-solving techniques, all aimed at crafting creative solutions to complex legal matters and disputes. Whelan Walker Mediation recognizes that effective mediation requires more than just legal expertise, it requires the ability to build trust and rapport with the parties involved while utilizing an empathetic and solution-oriented approach when engaging with parties to help them achieve common ground and resolution.